Explore Creativity through Arts and Crafts

Ready for some stress-free creative time? Creative time can be rejuvenating and therapeutic! I encourage women to explore creativity through a variety of arts and crafts; creating their own Artful Adventures using paper, ink, paint and more!  We’ll make it easy, one step at a time. So whether you are a new crafter or seasoned, let’s spark some creativity, have fun, and get this adventure started!

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About me

Kristie Sloan - my artful adventures

My name is Kristie Sloan, and I have been on Artful Adventures as long as I can remember, dabbling in just about everything crafty.

I have a lot of crafty interests, but we will keep focused here on a few of the things I enjoy most: painting, mixed media, memory keeping, and card making, as well as some paper crafting.

As a wife, mom, grandma and great-grandma, you’ll most likely find me in my craft room at home in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, along with my little Maltese, Lucy.

Grab your imagination passport and let’s start this adventure!

Contact me right here. Also, come join me on Facebook.