Card Kit, Easy Starting Point

Start with a Card Kit, Then Make It Your Own!

Starting with a card kit doesn’t mean you aren’t, or can’t be creative! Kits often come with most of what you need for a project. Take advantage of them and use them as a great starting point and before you know it you’ll have something unique from your card kit.

Why would you use a kit if you already have everything you need and you are perfectly capable of creating your own cards from scratch? Sometimes, it is nice to have most of what you need already selected and gathered together! If you are like most everyone I know, you already have a lot on your plate, and you may not always feel like that creative spark in glowing. However, it can feel so good to put yourself into doing something creative. Grab a kit, and with a few touches you’ve made it your own!

This card was made from a Crafter’s Companion kit which featured layering pieces for two or three types of flowers. Each of the floral layers is smaller than the one below it. I used foam squares to add even more dimension.

By tearing and inking the edges of the text paper layers, it looked totally different than leaving the paper naked. Follow with a solid color paper for the matting, with inked edges, and you have added interest.

After die cutting the “Thinking of You,” I realized the letters were thin and looked too small on the card. So instead of looking for a different die I decided to cut one or two more and glue them together, one on top of the other. It was rather tedious, but it worked out. I forgot to keep the paper cutouts that were to dot the i’s, so I used small pearls. Perhaps the way I personalize my creations is not by planning, but by fixing my mishaps! In the end I was happy with it, and hope the recipient was, too.

I am sorry that there are not more photos, showing the layers, but I had not intended to write a post. Yet we need reminders that it is okay to start with a kit, a sketch, whatever gets us doing instead of just thinking! Why not think of a kit as inspiration?

What have you “fixed” that ended up personalizing a card kit or some other project even more than you planned?

Cheers to Your Artful Adventures!


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