Scrapbook Layout Without a Photo

How can you preserve a memory on a scrapbook layout without an original photo of the event or subject? Let me show you a couple of ideas. I was reminded of a story I had not thought about in a very long time. The memory was jogged by a daily prompt from a LOAD (Layout a Day) challenge in the online Scrap Happy group. I love the prompts of those challenges because random prompts can make you remember things you haven’t thought about in years, and give you the chance to record them.

As you’re combing through random memories for scrapbooking, you often realize you don’t have a photo to go with the memory. That was exactly the case for this story; because it was from the pre-digital age, I didn’t have a single photo. We often don’t have a photo for many of the stories we remember. Then what? Do we let the memory fade away or go ahead and create a scrapbook page anyway? Let me look into my crystal ball and tell you.

How to find a suitable photo for a scrapbook layout without a photo

You might search online and find an image you could use. You could use a screen shot, and crop it as needed. Yes, there may or may not be legal implications, but all I am doing is putting it on a personal scrapbook page. I draw the line at finding a scrapbook kit and doing a screen shot, or any other digital art meant to be used as such. Digital designers depend on our business, and in my opinion that is just stealing out of their pockets. On the other hand, I feel differently about using an image that nobody is trying to sell.

Look for digital kits as an option

This story was about my dad making a “crystal” ball from a light fixture. At first I thought about using a photo of the type of light he used and go from there. I found the exact type of light on a home improvement store’s website.  Then I decided to Google to find a small digital kit I could download, and I actually found several. I chose to purchase one from Amy Joy Studios, an Etsy seller, which gave me full rights to print and use, or just use on my digi scrapbook page. That way I could use it whether creating with paper or a digital page. In the end, only the main image on this scrapbook page was from the kit.

Crystal ball potential!

The real treasure to me is the memory and preserving the story. Adding some fun elements to the page is a plus. Now I have a saved memory! Writing the story down would have been great, but now it is more visually appealing. Don’t let a non-existent photo keep you from telling a story.

In case you are interested, here is the story. We had a Halloween party at our house which included my mom playing the part of a fortune teller. My dad was an electrician, and figured out a clever way to create a ‘crystal ball.’ He did that by turning the light fixture upside down on a table, and putting a lightbulb on a dimmer switch under it. That way, my mom could use a foot peddle to control the brightness. I thought it was magnificent and after I made this page I told my mom about it. Her response was that she had absolutely no recollection of the entire event! Anyway, I had fun!

Cheers to YOUR Artful Adventures!


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