Paper Napkin Art on Canvas

You can use paper napkin art for a project

You can use the art on a printed paper napkin for a project on canvas. It is an easy way to create something rather quickly! One option is to apply it onto a canvas. What will you need to get started?


  • an art canvas
  • paper napkin with an image you want to use
  • ModPodge (matte) or a matte medium
  • paintbrush to apply medium
  • chip brush
  • water
  • paper towel
  • something gritty like sandpaper, a sanding block, or even an emery board
  • embellishements

How to prepare paper napkin

After you have selected your paper napkin, you’ll need to get it ready to use the image. Fold out the napkin and select the area to use. There will probably be one image in each corner of the napkin. So if you cut out a quarter of the napkin for your image, you will still have three remaining images you could use later.

Paper napkins are made from several layers. They are usually a two or three ply. Carefully separate the layers so that you are only using the top layer which has the printed image. It will be very thin, similar to tissue.

How to apply the paper napkin art on canvas

  1. Simply brush on a layer of ModPodge or a matte medium onto the surface of your canvas. You’ll need to decide if you are wrapping the napkin around the edges or just adhering to the top. If wrapping around, you’ll need to brush your medium along the edges.
  2. Carefully lay your napkin onto the top and gently pat down from the center out.
  3. Tap the image down with a dry chip brush, making sure you are tapping it down into the grain of the canvas.
  4. Gently brush a layer of your ModPodge or matte medium over the top.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Once dry, you can easily remove the overhang on the edge with whatever you are using to sand.
  7. Embellish to your hearts content!

Check out how you can use this technique on glass.

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