Recap of Our Latest Creative Journey

Paper Crafting continues

Welcome back for another recap of our latest creative journey here at My Artful Adventures, where we embark on a journey of creativity and inspiration together. Let’s dive into a recap of the projects we crafted during last week’s live-stream broadcasts.

Spring Blessings Journal

Our first endeavor led us into the realm of springtime serenity with a charming journal created from the enchanting “Spring Blessings” printable. As we flipped through its pages, we embraced the essence of the season. This was just the beginning of this fun little journal. It is ready to add even more pockets and ephemera, and ready for capturing moments of gratitude and renewal with each stroke of our pens. You can find this journal from in my friends Etsy shop, Guided Creation Printables.

Page by Page Journal, First Day of Spring

Transporting ourselves to a tranquil spring outdoor seating area, we made pages for our page-by-page journal, creating pockets of creativity. Adding a touch of whimsy, we adorned our creation with artful tickets embellished with Washi tape some easy line-work.

Bee Happy Printable Folio

Next up, our “Bee Happy” folio, a delightful printable available in our shop. With each fold and crease, this charming folio comes to life with flowers and bees. This printable is a bit different, because it features photos instead of only a decorative paper look. You can find this Bee Happy Printable Folio in my shop!

If you have access to Facebook, you can watch the Facebook video here. Otherwise, I need to redo it for YouTube this week, as there was a glitch with my software and it had be streamed directly into a Facebook event. Just think, you’ll get a short and to the point video that way!

Springtime Baskets

Embracing the essence of spring, we created handy little baskets from paper, perfect for storing giving little treats, or whatever you’d like. There is even a flat version ideal for placing on a project. It is a versatile design suitable for scrapbook pages or heartfelt cards, each basket carried a touch of springtime magic, ready to brighten any setting. Remember, you can use ideas for any season or reason by simply swapping out your paper choice!

That’s it for out recap of our latest creative journey this past week! You may like to see projects from a recent week.

As we reflect on the season, let’s carry the spirit of creativity forward, infusing each moment with passion and imagination. Stay tuned for more inspiring projects in the weeks to come. Remember, when you say, “My Artful Adventures, you are talking about YOUR own artful adventures.

Until next time, keep creating and embracing the beauty and inspiration that surrounds us!

Cheers to YOUR Artful Adventures!


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