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You can easily explore making ephemera and create your own stash of things you will love to use!

Ticket-like Ephemera from Junk Mail

Do you ever save your junk mail? If not, you may want to save those large advertising fliers that are made from a lightweight cardstock! You can use them for junk journaling and making your own ephemera. Just think, it’s free paper! We made some ticket-like ephemera from some of those! Instead of tossing in the trash, we turned them into something fun to use for journals, scrapbooking, mixed media, or whatever you want.

You can use them as is, or add stamping, or washi tape. If you end up with an odd length for the size of ticket you decide to create, just let the ends be partial tickets. We also looked at how different they look depending on the direction you cut them from the mailer. Making ephemera as simple as this could become somewhat addictive, and you won’t look at your junk mail the same!

Envelope Journaling Strips

These cute little envelopes are actually journaling strips! All you need is a long strip of paper and you can easily make these strips look like envelopes! First you fold the top corners in toward the center to create a point. Then you fold the point over the strip. Last, you fold the bottom of the strip up under the point to create the size of envelope you want! You can watch how easy they are in the video below.

Making Ephemera from Book Pages

The last bit of making ephemera for this week, comes in the form of using book pages! You know we love creating things from old book pages! Using parts of book pages and stamps can help you create some interesting items. This method can be a great jumping off point to adding other papers, different stamps, stickers, … or whatever you’d like! This was the very basic method and you can watch how we got started. Think how fun these would be with more colors, bits of laces, etc. I’m going to have to make more of these, and make them much more colorful!

Cheers to YOUR Artful Adventures! –Kristie

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