Scrap Paper Ruffles, No-Sew

Scrap paper ruffles are the perfect way to use up some of your scraps of paper. You don’t even have to stop at scraps, use up that paper you have on hand. If you want, you can even make these ruffles to coordinate with a project!

These scrap paper ruffles are so versatile. Why not make them and roll them up to have them ready to go?

Basically, take a strip of paper and begin folding it to look like it is pleated. Then, take a strip smaller in width, and glue it across the top. Watch this short video to see a couple of tips while making them. (I apologize. Don’t be too scared, I got a haircut before the next video!) Click the gear at the bottom of the video player to select the best quality for viewing, if needed.

Once you have some ruffles made, here are some ways to use these scrap paper ruffles!

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