Using Paper Ruffles – 5 Ways

Making paper ruffles is a great way to use paper scraps. Once you make them, you may immediately have ways you want to use them; but if you want some tips, we’ve got 5 ideas for using paper ruffles right here! You can learn how to make no-sew scrap paper ruffles on this previous post, with a quick explanation on sewing them, if you would prefer.

The following video shows you quick and easy ideas. If video is not your thing, there is a quick run-down below the video. (Click the gear at the bottom of the video player if you need to select better playback quality.)

Using a variety of paper strip widths and types of papers, the options are endless!

It’s easy to add a little something extra to your projects with these paper ruffles. Some simple ways to use them:

  1. Decorate a tags.
  2. Use a strip of ruffle as a pocket.
  3. Add a strip to the edge of a page for added interest and dimension.
  4. Place a ruffle strip either vertical or horizontal and only glue at each end. Use it to hold other things on the page, by placing items under the ruffle
  5. Snip off small sections and attach to the edge of the page, either top or side. Instant tabs!

I hope you are inspired to try this fun idea. Let us know if you try it and how you end up using paper ruffles!

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