Interview with Pat Megraw – Episode 22

Pat Megraw is this week’s interview guest on the Everyday Artist Series of Artful Adventures Podcast. Simply click below to listen. You can also find ‘Artful Adventures Podcast’ in your favorite podcast app. Please let us know if you don’t find it in your favorite place to listen to podcasts. However, they are always available to listen to here!

For as long as I she remember, Pat has had a pencil, crayon, pencil crayon or paintbrush in hand. She states that making art is a release and an escape. And if someone else gets joy or serenity out of what she paints, so much the better!

Pat says that she has been very fortunate in having two mentors early on who taught her everything they knew. For more than 40 years now, she has been paying this forward to her students. Now, she is also doing live demos on her Facebook page.

You can find Pat online:


For information on her online class or membership contact her at

Instagram: @patmegrawacrylics


Pat Megraw

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