Paper Crafting: Pockets, Memorydex Cards, Little Golden Book

Crafty Adventures Weekly Recap of Paper Crafting

Welcome to a weekly recap of our latest paper crafting fun project adventures. Stop by often to join us!

Paper Pockets, Two New Types

We tried out two new types of pockets — new to me, anyway! One was a multifold pocket from a rectangular paper, creating four pockets. We used 8.5″ x 11″ paper for this technique. The little pockets we created are perfect for ephemera! You can also use the same technique with a strip of paper, by simply trimming the paper to the correct length after the first fold.

The second type of pocket is made from a circle. Don’t worry about being able to create a circle for your project, because I am pretty sure you have something round to trace around! I even found that a six inch cup saucer was perfect for the task. That means that even 6×6 papers can be turned into a wonderful little pocket. I really love the look of the pockets made form circles!

You can see the tutorials here:

More Paper Crafting Fun with Beach Themed Memorydex Cards

We had another amazing Memorydex event with the Facebook Group, Junk Journaling Jamboree. If you want some paper fun, making these little cards could suit you just fine! Each month our presenters bring the most fabulous ideas to us, all while using the digital printable collection. I sometime feel like I am showing the same thing each time, and that my cards are too simple. Then I remind myself that everyone is a different point in their crafting journey, and what seems simple to one person, seems like a stretch and is something new they have never tried. We also need to remember that sometime everyone likes a simple craft. We don’t need intricate projects every time we want to have a little creative time!

Easy Binding for an Altered Little Golden Book Journal

Altered books can be a lot of fun, and starting with a Little Golden Book is no exception! However, I really didn’t want to spend the time using some of the binding methods I have seen. Plus, this is an easy way to keep the story intact!

Part 1:

Part 2:

New Digital Printables In the Shop, Spring Serenity, Outdoor Reading Nook

Why not expand your paper crafting fun with the recent printables release? It features charming outdoor seating areas perfect for reading or enjoying a quiet moment outdoors. It includes 3 different scenes in the following formats, along with some background papers:

  • 2 landscape
  • 2 square 
  • 2 pages with 4.25″x5.5’s
  • 2 pages with 5″x7″ images
  • 1 page small floral print
  • 4 pages watercolor backgrounds

The images are downloadable in both .PNG or .PDF formats. You can find the Spring Serenity, Outdoor Reading Nook collection my shop.

Spring Serenity Outdoor Reading Nook digital printables preview photo.
Spring Serenity Outdoor Reading Nook digital printables partial set.
Spring Serenity Outdoor Reading Nook digital printables partial set.

That’s this week’s recap of our paper fun Adventures. Here’s the weekly recap from last week, if you missed it. Remember, when you say “My Artful Adventures”, you are talking about YOUR adventures! We’re all in it to have some crafty, stress-free fun!

Cheers to YOUR Artful Adventures —Kristie

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